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2017 MG Owners' Club - Production MG Championship

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6th June 2017


After missing out last year it was good to return to the flat out sweeps of Thruxton. 

Thanks to a few late entries we ended up with 24 cars on the grid. Whilst I'd obviously like to see more I have to say that it was an excellent turnout and confirms my view that the championship is definitely moving in the right direction. It was good to welcome Lee Sullivan and his ever enthusiastic team back to the championship and Darryl Davis who was making a one-off return in Nick Golhar's spare ZR to the championship he won in 2000.

We had two more drivers making their race debut's, Andrew Garbutt and William (call him Bob) van Vuuren in the ex-Bob Kett/Martin Goddard MGB.  We've now had seven complete new drivers enter races since the start of the season and with one more new driver on the way plus several familiar names planning to return very soon the future is looking good.

Congratulations go to Lee for taking outright and Class Z wins in both races.  Martin won the Class F race on Saturday but was unable to enter the Sunday race and Simon Kendrick took the win after Mark suffered a gearbox problem.

In the Classic Class, I had yet another big end failure and Dave Amphlett took his third win in a row.  The Sunday race was won by Bob van Vuuren who drove really well in his first ever race weekend to take a very impressive win.

No new lap records were set on a meeting where lap times were generally a lot slower than on past visits.

I'm pleased to report that for the third meeting in a row, there were no significant on-track incidents, well done to you all, this is a real credit to everyone and goes a long way towards the appeal of our championship. We all know that incidents do occasionally happen on a race track but if we continue this clean driving record it can only work in our favour. I've asked BARC to be very hard on any damage incidents this year so please let's continue with the good spirit we've had so far this season.


The atmosphere around the Paddock is back to where I want it to be, this is great news for everyone – long may it last. Steve Williams and Stuart Philps both suffered engine failures but, as usual, everyone helped out and both cars had overnight engine changes.  I'm happy to record thanks to the ever helpful Andy Rogerson for lending Stuart his spare engine. 


It was good to see James Pryor and Danny Porter around the Paddock, both are planning to do a few races during the course of this season.


Trophy Presentation

I apologise if this was a little disorganised on Sunday.  I was pretty knackered after a very busy couple of days talking to several prospective new drivers, helping out with various Classic Class problems, meeting with BARC officials and trying to get my own MGB ready to race.  Our cars were scattered far and wide across the Paddock and with Pat and Mel having to leave at mid-day it was all a bit manic but we got there in the end.


I know that all you want to do after a race is to load your car up, chat with your fellow competitors and have a drink but the presentation of awards is important for us and I do appreciate your efforts in attending.


Star Drives

The Star Drive trophies were awarded to Bob van Vuuren for a very impressive race debut and a Classic Class win on Sunday and Darryl Davis for two excellent 2nd places in Class Z. Darryl was quick to say how much he enjoyed the racing and the Paddock atmosphere and has already started pushing another former MGOC champion to get his car back out on track with us.


Nigel Thorne checked the block height on Lee Sullivan's race winning ZR and the gear ratios on the MGF's of Simon Kendrick and Stuart Plotnek and the ZR's of Stuart Philps and Lee Sullivan. I'm pleased to advise that all cars were found to be fully compliant with MGOC regulations.



We now look ahead to Rockingham on 1/2nd July.  This is a two day meeting, the timetable is posted on the BARC website but this may well change, I'll let you know a soon as I hear of any changes.


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