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8th January 2018

Hi Everybody,

Christmas seems a long time ago and I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful, prosperous and, above all, a safe 2018.

We had a healthy number of new drivers join us in 2017 and I hope we can keep that positive momentum going and recruit a few more for the 2018 season. We ended last season with close to 50 registered drivers, all we need is for a few more newcomers and for some of you to enter a few more races and the Championship will continue to move forward. Big grids really are the best advertisement we can make for our championship.

Race Dates

These remain as previously advised:

March 17th          Oulton Park

Apr 14/15th         Rockingham

May 6/7th            Snetterton

Jun 2/3rd              Donington

Jul 7/8th               Thruxton

Aug 27th              Castle Combe

Sept 8/9th            Cadwell Park

Oct 6/7th             Silverstone (Int)

These dates are still "provisional" but I spoke to Ian Watson this morning and he does not expect any changes from the dates shown. 

Most of our meetings are shown as being over two days.  It's too early to say at the moment if our races will be one the Saturday or the Sunday or a bit of both.  I realise that knowing what dates(s) we'll be racing on is important for many of you and as soon as I know what the timetables are going to be I'll let you know. The one thing for certain is that the opening meeting at Oulton 17th March is definitely a one day meeting with quali and both races on Saturday.

2018 Championship Registrations

You are all well aware that to race with MGOC you must first register for the championship using the registration form which is the final page of the 2018 regulations.  The problem is that the registration form requires you to sign that "you have read the current regulations and confirm that your cars complies with the relevant technical regulations" but of course you can't make this confirmation until you've seen the MSA approved version of the regs !!.   In recent years MSA have been painfully slow to sign-off the regs and issue a championship permit number which means that we can't issue them and accept registrations.

The approval system has, allegedly, changed this year and we should get the 2018 regs approved within the next two weeks.  I will of course email them out to you all as soon as they are approved.


2018 Technical Registration

Please do note that as the 2018 regs have been submitted to MSA we cannot make any further changes to them until the end of the 2018 season.  We can clarify points within the approved regulations but cannot make any specific changes

Race Numbers

It is a long established MGOC policy that drivers who re-register for 2018 will retain the number they had in 2017.  The only exception to this is of course Simon Kendrick who will run as no.1, in the unlikely event that Simon doesn't want to run as no.1 then no-one else (not even you Willsy !!) can have that number.

There are some opportunities to change to a new number, if you'd like to change from your 2017 number please drop me an email and I'll help where I can.

New drivers will be allocated a number by MGOC but are welcome to request a specific number and if that number is available then you can have it. 

Seat Belts

I'm sure your all aware that harnesses have an expiry date label on the straps.  Someone always gets caught out at the first meeting of a new season so please do check and make sure that your harness is eligible for 2018.

Frontal Head Restraints  

For the avoidance of doubt, please note that for vehicles manufactured after 31st December 1976 (ie. MGF and ZR) the use of an FHR (eg. HANS) is mandatory. For vehicles manufactured before then (ie. most Midget's and MGB's) they are not mandatory but are, rightly, strongly recommended.

Trevor Dixon

Many of you will know that Trevor has Multiple Sclerosis.  Trev may have stopped racing but is still very much part of the MGOC scene with his father-in-law Chris Flooks a regular Classic Class entrant.  Trev emailed me yesterday to say that he is currently in hospital having ground breaking stem cell replacement treatment.  This is a complex and revolutionary new treatment and I know you will all join me in wishing Trev the very best of luck for a positive outcome.




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