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**** NEWSLETTER ****

11th December 2018



After a lot of juggling and some lost sleep, we can confirm the 2019 race calendar as follows:

Rounds 1/2 March 30/31st Silverstone (International)
Rounds 3/4 May 11/12th Brands Hatch
Rounds 5/6 June 1/2nd Donington
Rounds 7/8 June 22nd Oulton (International)
Rounds 9/10 July 7th Castle Combe
Rounds 11/12 August 10/11th Snetterton 300
Rounds 13/14 August 26th Mallory
Rounds 15/16 October 5/6th Pembrey

Whilst the range of circuits is good it’s been really difficult to get the “one meeting a month” programme we’d all like. This is partly due to the loss of Rockingham putting extra pressure on other dates and partly down to the reluctance of MSV and Silverstone Circuits to give BARC the dates they wanted.

The big gaps at the start and the end of the season mean that the mid season is all a bit condensed, we are sorry about this but it really was the best Jim could do. He did try to get on the MG Car Club end of season meeting at Snetterton but after some friendly and positive discussions they just couldn’t accommodate us on what is now a one-day meeting.

At least we have managed to avoid clashes with the British GP and Goodwood Revival.

There is a big gap between Silverstone on 30/31st March and Brands on 11/12th May. The only venue offered to me in April was Croft but this simply wouldn’t have worked for us and after a lot of pondering we felt we had to drop it. This gave Jim a challenge of finding another meeting to give the 8 meetings the majority of drivers requested, the only realistic option open to me was to take Oulton on 22nd June, Jim had initially (reluctantly) rejected this as it was too close between Donington and Combe. June and July are now very busy but we hope you can deal with it as we visit three excellent tracks.

Similarly, there is a big gap between Mallory and Pembrey. The only dates BARC have in September are Anglesey and Croft. Jim just didn’t think we’d get any sort of grid for those venues so late in the season.

You will note that the usual end of season BARC Finals meeting at Silverstone has been dropped, this is simply because Silverstone Circuits wouldn’t give BARC the date.

As for finishing the season at Pembrey, it’s a good track and we haven’t been there since 2011 and I’ve sort of come round to it. It’s a long trip down the M4 but we’ll have a good time there. Just to liven things up a bit, the 2019 Regs will be tweaked to give full points at Pembrey irrespective of the number of starters in the race.

New for 2019

Jim has mentioned on a number of occasions that BARC lose money on around half of the race meetings they promote. For those of you who doubt this fact Jim will happily show the Expenses versus Income figures for each of the 33 race meetings that BARC organised in 2018.

We suspect that some of you may have a jaundiced view on this but the fact is that BARC, like any other business, can’t sustain what are very significant losses – and indeed why should they !!. The BARC Board have therefore decided that for 2019 onwards all championships must be prepared to pay for the costs of their track time and BARC are leading the way in how they will be going about this.

Jim explains how this will work.

The total cost of running a meeting will be divided by the number of minutes the track is available for, this gives a “per minute” figure. The championships are now required to pay that “per minute” cost for every minute they are scheduled to be on track including the “sweep up” time between quali and races. This is how all major organising clubs work out the race entry fees.

For a typical MGOC meeting we use 100 minutes made up of 20 mins quali, 10 mins sweep up, 20 mins for Race 1, 15 mins sweep up, 20 mins for Race 2, 15 mins sweep up = 100 minutes of track time.

The costs per minute fall into three distinct ranges. Low (Pembrey, Cadwell, Anglesey, Mallory) , Medium (Snetterton, Oulton, Combe, Croft) and Premier (Brands, Silverstone, Donington) . If championships want to go to the Premier circuits they must be prepared to pay a Premium price. A Lidl, Tesco, Waitrose analogy springs to mind !!.

The bottom line of this is that MGOC, and everyone else, need to get an entry of around 14 for the Low range tracks, 18 for the Medium tracks and 23 for the Premier tracks to achieve the income demanded by BARC.

This isn’t hugely onerous as, despite our painfully low entries at Donington, Thruxton and Cadwell in 2018, we still got 147 entries for our eight meetings ie. an average of 18.3 entries per meeting.

The good news is that whatever entry fee income BARC receive over and above the agreed minimum will be paid directly back to the championship. In other words, if we get an entry of, say, 23 and the break even is 18 then our championship will receive the equivalent of five race entry fees.

Jim remains confident that MGOC entries will average out something over the minimum amount and we can assure you that if/when this happens every penny of the “rebate” will go into the championship pot.

This was all tabled at a championship co-ordinators meeting at Thruxton on Sunday where the fourteen championships represented all agreed that it was a well thought out and fair way forward. Dave Amphlett kindly gave up his time to join me at this meeting and Dave, being a regular competitor and thoroughly sensible chap with an astute business brain, shared the unanimous view that it was a completely fair and logical plan.

If anyone wants to see the figures Jim will be happy to show you.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a good Christmas a happy, and above all, safe 2019.


2019 Lancaster Insurance/MG Owners Club Championship

We are proud to announce the following programme for the 38th year of the championship:

Rounds 1/2 March 30/31st Silverstone (International)                          
Rounds 3/4 May 11/12th

Brands Hatch                   

Rounds 5/6 June 1/2nd Donington (GP)
Rounds 7/8 June 22nd        Oulton Park (International)                    
Rounds 9/10 July 7th Castle Combe                   
Rounds 11/12 August 10/11th Snetterton 300                
Rounds 13/14 August 26th    Mallory Park               
Rounds 15/16 October 5/6th Pembrey
  For any further information contact MG Owners Club on 01954 231125





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