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2019 MG Owners' Club - Production MG Championship


 ***   NEWSLETTER   ***

The opening round of the 2019 championship is just for weeks away. Registrations continue to come in but I’d be both grateful and reassured if those if any if you haven’t yet put pen to paper could do so and either email or post the attached form off to MGOC as soon as possible.

The majority of our regulars have, or are expected to, register for the new season but I’d like to welcome the following new or returning drivers to the championship:

Classic Class

Ray Lovell last raced a Dolomite Sprint around 30 years ago and is making a return to the track in the ex-Kevin Broadley MGBGT.

Nick Webster has registered and will be a welcome addition on track and around the paddock.

Chris Flooks, Dan Porter and Vince Hunt have all registered and expect to enter some of the races.

Jim has registered his MGB for the 38th consecutive year. He plans to enter it in a number of races but also hope to have go in other cars.

Class F

Paul Wisbey is making a welcome return to Class F in the ex-Philip Espinasse MGF. Ivor Morgan has advised that he intends to enter three of four meetings this season.

Class Z

Darren Harris has been very successful in one of the other MG championships and has built a new ZR to MGOC specification.

Josh Addison has acquired the ex-Phil Walker ZR160 and will be making his racing debut with us this year. Josh is the son of our 1998 Class B champion Robb and is a very welcome addition to Class Z where he will be looking to uphold the name of one of the very best front wheel drivers ever to race with MGOC.

Will Sharpe has acquired a ZR160 and will be running it with us for the whole season.

Adrian Olsson has spent the winter sorting out seemingly endless problems with the ZR he acquired a while back and after a false start at Combe last year reckons he’s got it sorted and is planning a positive return to Class Z.

Russ Davison has finished building his ZR160 and is planning a full season.

2019 Championship

Over recent months Jim has written a lot about the need to gather every entry we can. Quite simply, the more entries we get the more we can feed back to the drivers by way of reduced entry fees. Silverstone is the most expensive circuit we go to and we really ask you do your best to enter the forthcoming seasons opening meeting. Let’s get off to a good start and show everyone what a good championship we have. Guest/Invitation entries are of course welcome.

Of course we appreciate that getting a budget to do a full season presents a few challenges and for those of you on a tight budget, we have the opportunity to spread the cost of race entry fees by paying a fixed sum on a monthly basis. If this would be of use to you please do contact Jim.

Pre-season Check List

Please take a moment to look at the list below which outlines some things you really should check prior to the start of the season. Do call me if you have any queries on any of these points.

Club Memberships

Can we remind you all that to race in our championship you must have current membership of MGOC and be a Racing Member of BARC. Both of these memberships last for 12 calendar months from your last renewal. If your memberships of either have expired please call MGOC on 01954 231125 or BARC on 01264 882200.

BARC do offer a weekend membership but it’s clearly better value to take out a 12 month membership.

I should however make it known that Guest drivers are very welcome to join us and are not required to have BARC membership but will not be eligible to score points.

Entering Races

In common it most major organizing clubs, BARC have an on-line system for entering races.

Assuming you have current BARC Racing membership you will have been issued with a seven digit PIN number that gives you access to your own personal race entry website, this requires you to fill in some basic information eg. car details and next of kin. Once you’ve got a PIN number and have access to the system it really is a straightforward procedure. We encourage you all to use the on-line entry system as it eases the pressure on Dave Wheadon at BARC office.

Please note that the BARC on-line system will not accept race entries from anyone without current BARC Racing membership.

Race Entry Fees

As previously mentioned, MGOC race entries are fixed at £390 for all races except Mallory and Pembrey which are £360. To get these lower entry fees your race entry must be received at BARC office by 9.00am ten days prior to the meeting - any entry received after then will pay the additional £30.

Rent a Car

Dave Mellor’s rental car is well on the way to completion and will be available for rent from Silverstone onwards. If you know of anyone interested in having a run out in a really smart Kevin Bull prepared ZR160 please call Dave on 07860 410043

In Car Cameras

James Kendrick is enthusiastically leading the way on this. He is offering to install and maintain a camera in your car then download the footage into an edited form and post it on YouTube and give the edited footage to you on a memory stick. If you want to take advantage of this facility, please email James at jlkendrick0

Please do contact Jim if you need any help, advice or information about the coming season.


The information below is taken from Section K of the 2019 Motorsport UK Yearbook.

Roll Cage Mountings Check that the foot mountings of your roll cage have reinforcement plates fitted – refer K1.3.2 of the MSUK Yearbook.


These must now be tested at intervals not exceeding two years and have a sticker on showing the test date – refer MSUK Yearbook K3. It is recommended that servicing is undertaken by the original manufacturer but it is acceptable for servicing to be carried out by any bone-fide extinguisher company.

Do note that Lifeline and most other suppliers will not service any extinguisher that is more than ten years old.

FHR (HANS) Device These are “recommended” for cars built up to 31st December 1976 (most MGB/Midget) but are mandatory for post 1976 cars (some MGB/Midget and all MGF/ZR)


These must be “in-date”, the date labels are shown on the lap and/or shoulder belts.

All MGB/Midget drivers must be aware that harnesses with 2” shoulder straps are only acceptable when used in conjunction with a FHR/HANS device.

For UK National events, seats do not have to be “in date”. Check and make sure that the base mounts of your seat have reinforcement plates fitted to the underside of the floor mountings – refer MSUK Yearbook 2.2.1.

MSUK Yearbook K10.3.1 states the following applicable standards: FIA8860-2004, FIA8860-2010, FIA8860-2010, SNELL SA2010, SNELL SA2010, SNELL SAH2015.

These must be to FIA2000-1986 standard and must be clean and free of any rips or other damage.

Gloves and Boots
These are mandatory, the reference in the MSUK Yearbook Q10 is ISO6940 but this standard isn’t mentioned in any of the information given by the major suppliers. Scrutineers require these items to have FIA8856-2000 labels in them.

Balaclava and Underwear

These items are not mandatory for UK National racing but are “strongly recommended” – refer MSUK Yearbook Q10(c). If you have them they should comply with FIA8856-2000.

Pull Cables
These are fitted to allow external operation of the electrical master switch and extinguisher. Make sure they are free and do actually operate correctly when pulled as they have a tendency to seize up over a long cold damp winter. I can almost guarantee that at least one driver will fail scrutineering due to a seized cable.

Brake Lights and Rear Rain Light
Check that these are working correctly - they will be checked at scrutineering.

Sponsors Stickers

Check that you have the correct stickers fitted to your car. Info on what is required can be found in the 2019 regulations.

 ***   NEWSLETTER   ***

With the 2019 season fast approaching, a lot has been happening behind the scenes so Jim wanted to give you an update.


I’m delighted to advise that Lancaster Insurance have agreed to increase their financial input and we have also received some additional increased sponsorship from Yokohama Tyres. In addition to this, Richard Monk of MGOC has agreed to accept some more of the additional costs involved with running the championship. All of this means that we now have we now have a healthy budget to work with, certainly one of the best at our level of Club motorsport.

This is of course great news but the championship now has to guarantee BARC a minimum income from race entry fees. We all know that entry levels across almost all Clubbie championships are dropping but our increased sponsorship income reduces the pressure and gives us the financial security to meet our contractual requirements with BARC and also to keep our entry fees to between £360 and £390 for 55/60 minutes track time.

As previously mentioned, we need to get around 150 race entries to cover the minimum entry income required by BARC. In the event that the income exceeds the agreed figure the additional income will be returned by BARC directly to our championship. We do need to maintain a modest cash reserve but 100% of any income over this will be passed back to the drivers.

In other words, the more entries we get, the more we all benefit - it can’t be fairer that that !!.

2019 Championship

To make all this work to our collective benefit, we simply need to maintain a decent level of entries. In the current climate it’s difficult to recruit new drivers, there are some positive things happening on this front but the best way forward is to try and get a few more of our registered drivers to actually get their cars out of the garage and enter some more races. I do of course understand that not all of you can enter all of the races but every entry makes a difference and I hope you will do your best to get your car on the grid.

For those of you on a tight budget, we have the opportunity to spread the cost of race entry fees by paying a fixed sum on a monthly basis. If this would be of use to you please do contact me.

Championship Promotion

MGOC have been extremely helpful in putting together a new advert for the championship, this will be going into the March edition of the MGOC magazine. We hope to insert it into some other motorsport publications but we have to be selective as advertising costs are high and will quickly eat into our budget.

Cars for Sale

The market is a bit flat at the moment but it’s important that I know of any cars that are for sale so we can keep the website updated. Please do drop me an email with details if you have, or know of, a car for sale. For your advance information, Dave Mepham’s well built and ready to race MGBGT and is on the cars for sale list.

Rent a Car

Dave Mellor has acquired the ex-Ian Lawton ZR160 and is in the process of having it repaired. It will be offered as a rental car to anyone who wants to have a go - I might even have a go in it myself !!.  Dave is putting a lot of time, effort and money into this and his efforts to promote the championship are very much appreciated. We will be putting some more detailed information on this on the website and Social Media platforms over the next few weeks.

In Car Cameras

James Kendrick is enthusiastically leading the way on this.  He is offering to install and maintain a camera in your car then download the footage into an edited form and post it on YouTube give the edited video to you on a memory stick. If you want to take advantage of this facility, please email James at

We are also looking to have all in-car footage posted on this website.

Jim's been around motor-racing long enough to know that we have to adapt to changing situations and with the new processes we’re putting in place and the support of Lancaster Insurance, Yokohama, Dave, James and many others I feel that we’re doing everything within our power to move the championship forward.  All we need now is your continued support. Please contact Jim Baynam if you have any thoughts, comments or other positive ideas.



2019 Lancaster Insurance/MG Owners Club Championship

We are proud to announce the following programme for the 38th year of the championship:

Rounds 1/2
March 30/31st
Silverstone (International)                          
Rounds 3/4
May 11/12th
Brands Hatch
Rounds 5/6
June 1/2nd
Donington (GP)
Rounds 7/8
June 22nd       
Oulton Park (International)                    
Rounds 9/10
July 7th
Castle Combe                   
Rounds 11/12
August 10/11th
Snetterton 300                
Rounds 13/14
August 26th   
Mallory Park               
Rounds 15/16
October 5/6th
For any further information contact MG Owners Club on 01954 231125





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