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2017 MG Owners' Club - Production MG Championship

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11th October 2017


Our final meeting of the season at Silverstone went well and the final entry of 21 cars was reasonable in the circumstances.

With a number of respected and regular drivers moving on at the end of last season it's been something of a rebuilding year for us.  The good news is that we've got a lot of enthusiastic new drivers and several more are planning to join us next season.  If we can keep the nucleus of drivers from this year, I'm confident that we'll move forward in a good positive manner next season.

It was good to see Vince Hunt out in his MGB and Darryl Davis and Mick Weidner on the grid in their ZR's.

 Congratulations go to Alan Forster for two overall and Class Z wins, Martin Wills and Simon Kendrick for a win apiece in Class F, I took both Classic Class wins.

No new lap records were set.

Star Drives

The Star Drive trophies were awarded to:

Marcus Holland – two excellent 2nd places in the Classic Class and fastest lap in Race 2. Alan Forster – two dominant wins and two fastest laps in his resurgent ZR


Points Table

Mark Baker compiles the MGOC version of the points table and I'd like to record my grateful my thanks to Mark for doing this, it really does make my life a lot easier.  The attached points table shows what we believe to be the final points positions, if anyone believes there is an error in the points table, please drop me an email as soon as possible. The final official version of the points table will be issued by BARC. Congratulations to Simon Kendrick who confirmed his position as 2017 MGOC champion, Alan Forster who is Class Z champion after a really impressive first season with us and Dave Amphlett who is the Classic Class champion easing the pain of a very troubled year on the engine front.

Congratulations also to William van Vuuren who has had a tremendous first season and is the 2017 Novice champion.


People always ask me about race dates for next season.  BARC organise over 30 race championships and it takes a huge effort to get programmes for thirty championships all wanting at least eight double-header race meetings at the premier circuits. All I can say is that, as ever, I put in my wish list to Ian Watson and use whatever influence I have to get us the circuits we want. We can only wait and see if I get all I ask for !!.  

We try to have one meeting a month but this can work against us. Last year we could have had a Brands Hatch meeting but it would have been the week after Donington, I don't think that would work out for us.

The 2018 race dates are unlikely to be issued before Christmas, rest assured I'll advise everyone on the mailing list of the dates as soon as they are confirmed to me.

Silverstone Marshalling

This left a lot to be desired and I've raised a few points with BARC:

  1. Given the number of races they had to get through on Saturday BARC, rightly in my opinion, used the "Racing Ahead" system which means you do a full lap from the collecting area then line up and go. This is absolutely fine but given the absence of grid row numbers on the pit wall it relies on a start-line Marshal to tell drivers where to go.  A couple of cars towards the front of the grids took up incorrect grid positions and this had a knock-on effect down the field, the start line Marshal was useless and the grid was all over the place. Around eight drivers could have been penalised for starting in the wrong grid position.
  2. No Marshal's in the collecting area before going out for Qualifying.
  3. No Red/Yellow flag at Stowe in Race 2 after a monster oil spillages on the exit of a high speed corner.

Drivers Meeting


We had a brief and informal meeting on Saturday afternoon.  This covered a few general points but I would ask that if anyone has any technical matters that they need to be considered for 2018 or if any of our existing Regs require clarification please email me as soon as possible. I will be gathering any such comments and will send them out to all registered competitors in early November as I have to have all changes for 2018 completed and sent to BARC by the middle of November.

Class B


We will be putting together a set of Regulations to allow a slightly lower spec ZR160 into Class B. After an initial flurry of proposals it's all gone very quiet, anyone who wants to make any proposals for this Class should let them to me as soon as possible. If I don't hear anything I'll make my own decisions.


Awards Dinner

As mentioned, this will take place at the Best Western in Buckingham on Saturday November 18th.  The booking form and menu choices are attached. I really do hope you will support this event, please send your completed booking form to MGOC as soon as possible.

Can I remind you all that the hotel have reserved a number of rooms for the MGOC event, to get the agreed rate you must book directly with the hotel ie. not through the Best Western or any other internet booking site.

Thanks for your continued support this season.




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