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9th February 2018



Registrations for the 2018 season have been coming in albeit rather slowly.


BARC Race Entry System

Like most organizing clubs, BARC operate an on-line race entry system.  When your 2018 registration form is received at MGOC, they immediately forward it on to BARC who log you on their system. BARC will then email you a Password and PIN number to access your own personal race entry website. It really is pretty straightforward to use and allows you to enter and, if necessary, cancel race entries very easily. BARC will only send out your Password and PIN number if you have current BARC Racing membership.  If you've sent your form off to MGOC but haven't received an email from BARC with your Password and PIN number it almost certainly means that you don't have current BARC membership.  You can pay for BARC Racing membership on-line or call Dave Wheadon on 01264 882209.

Fire Extinguishers

For as long as I've been racing the servicing of extinguishers has only ever been a "recommendation" but from previous Newsletters you are all now aware of the new MSA requirement that extinguishers must now be serviced at intervals not exceeding 24 months.Given that it has previously only been a "recommendation" it is unlikely that any of you extinguishers have ever been tested. You must therefore note the following:
  1. Lifeline will not service an extinguisher if it has missed more than one 24 monthly service ie. it must not be more than four years since it was new or its last service.
  2. If your extinguisher over 10 years old (the date is on the label) it cannot be re-tested and you have to buy a new one.
  3. You can continue to use you current MSA extinguisher until the end of the 2021 season. From 1st January 2022 you must change to the new FIA approved type.
I have a copy of a Scrutineers Bulletin issued by MSA which effectively accepts that current MSA approved extinguishers (typically Lifeline FireMarshal AFFF)  can be serviced by a suitably qualified bona-fide extinguisher company ie. you do not have to use Lifeline or one of their appointed agents.  If you take this route you must of course satisfy yourself that the company you use is competent and can affix a suitable tamperproof service date label.

Lifeline have a network of agent any of who will service a Lifeline extinguisher - I can recommend Competition Supplies at Silverstone – contact Sean Kukula on 01327 857991. I've written enough on this subject and, apart from a final reminder a week before the first race, will not mention it again but do drop me an email if you have any questions.

K Series ECU's

For the avoidance of any doubt can I remind you all that Race ZR's cars running in Class Z and MGF/TF with MEMS 3 must use an ECU programmed by Kmaps as defined in the Class F and Z regulations. Road ZR's running in Class B must run the ECU as defined in the Class B regs, these are a different specification to the ECU's used in Classes F and Z. Mark Stacey of Kmaps will be coming to a couple of our race meetings this year and, in addition to offering help and advice, will be checking ECU's.

Sponsors Stickers

The requirements for stickers on our cars is well established and as stated in the regs.  If you need any more stickers please contact MGOC on 01954 231125 and they will send them out to you.We are planning to have additional stickers on the ZR's running in Classes B and Z.  You will be required to fix these on the passenger side of the front windscreen.  I'll give more details on these when we've decided exactly what we'll be doing.



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